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Meet The Team


Arielle Kaim

PhD Candidate

Studies Emergency Medical Teams and means to make their deployments to disasters more effective
In joint supervision with
Prof. Bruria Adini


Dana Spiegel

MDM Graduate &
PhD Candidate

Studied the effect of exposure to terrorism on individual and community resilience in Israel and continues to study organizational resilience in the Israeli Fire Brigade


Kristina Geva

MDM Thesis completion

Studies the effect of political orientation on compliance with health regulations and preparedness behaviors


Tal Kimchi

MDM Thesis Completion

Studies the effect of risk communication targeting women empowerment on promoting households preparedness 

עדי קרס_edited.jpg

Adi Karas, MD

MPH Candidate

Studies barriers to pre-hospital appropriate analgesic treatment in Israeli defense forces medical teams


Mor Rittblat, MD

MPH Candidate

Studies the complications following the placement of tourniquets in the prehospital injury point


Reut Revivi

MDM Candidate

Studies the the association between fear of death and preparedness behavior


Liel Levy

MDM Candidate

Studies the effect of empowerment-based risk communication on promoting households preparedness 

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Oded Paz

PhD Candidate

Studies the impact of summer camps on Jewish youth resilience to cope with emergencies and disasters

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Yonatan Link


Lindsay Mackinnon

MDM thesis completion

Studies the mechanisms and prevalence of corruption within the humanitarian sphere;
In joint supervision with
Dr. Ina Kubbe


Shams Marie Abomokh

MDM Candidate

Studies the compliance of the Arab population in Israel with preparedness regulations for wartime and earthquakes 

Liel Headshot1_edited.jpg

Liel Asulin

MDM Candidate

Develops and agent-based model for predicting survival strategies in open field mass-shooting incidents
In joint supervision with
Dr. Reut Noham

MD-MPH Candidate

Studies the association between cognitive and mental resilience and perceived well-being and competence of medical caregivers;
In joint supervision with
Dr. Nir Samuel


Patrizia Sander

MDM Candidate

Studies the differences in wild fires threat perception and readiness between former East and West Germany


Christian Giller

MDM Candidate

Studies the difference between altruism-based versus self-protection focused risk messaging on public compliance with health regulations in future pandemics


Raneen Naamneh

MPH Graduate!

Studied the relationship between the use of computerized medical information systems in Israel and factors related to patient safety


Gaia Harris

MPH Graduate!

Studied the efficacy of various styles of health behavior broadcast messages during the COVID-19 era


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