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Gaia Harris

MD-MPH Candidate

Gaia is performing her Master's thesis on the efficacy of health behavior broadcast messages in the COVID-19 era. She compares different risk communication ads to examine their effect on the public's perception and behavioral intention.


Raneen Naamneh

MPH Health Policy

Raneen is performing her Master's thesis on the relationship between the use of computerized medical information systems in Israel and factors related to patient safety. She looks into the effects of computerized documenting on errors in the administration of medication, workload, and the availability of medical information



Reut Revivi

MDM Candidate

Reut is performing her Master's thesis on understanding the association between fear of death and preparedness behavior. She is interested in establishing the linkage between preparedness laced with fearful cognitions and the denial of death in the context of Terror Management Theory. 


Mor Rittblat, MD

MPH Candidate

Mor is performing his master’s thesis on complications following the placement of tourniquets in the prehospital injury point. He is studying the risk factors associated with the tourniquets treatment to create an algorithm that can reduce morbidity, shorten recovery time and attain surpass rehabilitation.


Dana Spiegel

MDM Candidate

Dana is performing her master’s thesis on community resilience. She is studying the interaction between individual and communal resilience and establishing the linkage between exposure to terrorism, level of religiosity, and resilience.


Liel Levy

MDM Candidate

Liel is performing her master’s thesis on risk communication. She is interested in exploring whether current risk communication approaches trigger mortality salience and hence denial as a coping mechanism and whether innovative messaging focused on empowerment and optimism is capable of overcoming this phenomenon.


Polly Hyams

MDM Candidate

Polly is performing her master’s thesis on the impact of previous experience in humanitarian aid deployment on midwives’ willingness to work during emergencies and disasters. Her research will explore the benefits of participating in humanitarian aid missions to foster a sense of self-efficacy and to increase the willigness of nurses and midwives to report to duties during emergencies and disasters.


MDM Thesis Completion Track Candidate

Kristina Geva

Kristina is performing her master’s thesis on the effect of political orientation on public compliance with emergency preparedness guidelines in Israel. Her study aims to identify the different political groups in Israel and evaluate how their political stance affects their emergency preparedness and compliance.


MDM Thesis Completion Track Candidate

Tal Kimchi

Tal is performing her master’s thesis on women empowerment in decision-making during emergencies and disasters. Her research will explore the effect of different risk messaging targeting different gender-oriented management styles on the willingness to engage in preparedness behavior and household adjustments to emergencies.

עדי קרס.jpg

MPH Candidate

Adi Karas, MD

Adi is performing her master’s thesis on understanding barriers to pre-hospital appropriate analgesic treatment in Israeli defense forces medical teams. She is aiming to perform an analysis of the risk factors, provider awareness, knowledge and attitudes.

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