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Gaia Harris

MD-MPH Candidate

Gaia is performing her Master's thesis on the topic of the efficacy of health behavior broadcast messages in the COVID-19 era. She compares different risk communication ads to examine their effect on the public's perception and behavioral intention


Raneen Naamneh

MPH Health Policy Candidate

Raneen is performing her Master's thesis on the topic of the relationship between the use of computerized medical information systems in Israel and factors related to patient safety. She looks into the effects of computerized documenting on errors in the administration of medication, workload, and the availability of medical information


Reut Revivi

MDM Candidate

Reut is performing her Master's thesis on understanding the association between fear of death and preparedness behavior. She is interested in establishing the linkage between preparedness laced with fearful cognitions and the denial of death in the context of Terror Management Theory. 


Mor Rittblat, MD

MPH Candidate

Mor is performing his master’s thesis on the topic of complications following the placement of tourniquets in the prehospital injury point. He is studying the risk factors associated with the tourniquets treatment in order to create an algorithm which will be able to reduce morbidity, shorten recovery time and attain surpass rehabilitation.


Dana Spiegel

MDM Candidate

Dana is performing her master’s thesis on the topic of community resilience. She is studying the interaction between individual and communal resilience and trying to establish the linkage between exposure to risk, level of religiosity, and resilience.


Liel Levy

MDM Candidate

Liel is performing her master’s thesis on the topic of risk communication. She is interested in exploring whether current risk communication approaches trigger mortality salience and hence denial as a coping mechanism, and whether innovative messaging focused on empowerment and optimism are capable of overcoming this phenomenon.

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