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Positions available for students

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Master's and Ph.D. students required for my newly established lab. Scholarships for excellent students may be available.

If you share my passion of explaining human behaviour, promoting public resilience, and saving lives, you may want to consider joining my laboratory. We dedicate our academic work to understanding human psychology and behavior, particularily during emergencies and disasters.

"If we wish to promote resilience and readiness, better coping strategies by people during crises, and especially if we wish to avoid unwanted behavior by some people during emergencies, we need to understand the way people perceive risks and react to disaster cues. There is much to be learned..”

Let's do some research

Master's and Ph.D. students may seek my supervision in the following topics:

  • Disaster psychology and sociology

  • Emergency Medicine and trauma

  • Emergency and disaster management

  • Health behavior and motivation

  • Public health policy

Current and planned research

I always encourage students to come up with their own ideas for research. If you design and propose research from an inner locus of control, it will always show through. Nevertheless, in my lab we are highly interested in pursuing the following research topics. If you feel comfortable and interested in any of the following, we invite you to embark on this journey together:

  • Terror Management Theory and its implications on resilience and emergency preparedness;

  • Innovative risk communication strategies that can lead to substantial and sustainable behavioral change in the context of emergency preparedness;

  • Longitudinal studies exploring public opinions and behaviors in the context of emergencies, disasters, climate change, and COVID-19;

  • The socio-cultural determinants of resilience;

  • Personality and emergency-related behavior.


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