Dr. Moran Bodas

"Disaster Psychologist"
Researcher at the Department of
Emergency & Disaster Management, Tel Aviv University

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Searching for the term "resilience" you will probably come across images like this one depicting a flower blooming despite harsh conditions. It surely takes one determined plant to flourish under these circumstances, but is this really what resilience is all about? Well, turns out it is not. Resilience is all about the ability to withstand difficulties, bend (rather than break) in face of adversity, and eventually, bounce back or even forward.

Do we really understand human psychology that affects resilience during crises and disasters? Can we account for what promotes flexibility to cope with hardships? That's my passion. I am all about that.

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About Me

My name is Moran and I am a researcher at the Department of Emergency & Disaster Management at the School of Public Health, Tel-Aviv University.  I began my academic path in biology and spent 6 years at the Ministry of Defense trying to get first responders, national and local authorities, and the public prepared for non-conventional terrorism. During that time I learned about the Master's Program in Disaster Management at TAU, from which I graduated in 2009. Long story short - Ph.D., post-doc in Italy (great food, wine, and scenery), directed the National Center for Trauma & Emergency Medicine Research at the Gertner Institute, and now a full-time researcher at TAU. 


Research focus

Disaster psychology and public health policy

My research focuses mainly on understanding human psychology in the context of emergencies and disasters. I am studying human behavior during such crises, motivation to prepare for disasters, coping styles, and determinants of resilience.