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Dr. Moran Bodas

"Disaster Psychologist"
Researcher at the Department of
Emergency & Disaster Management, Tel Aviv University

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Do we really understand human psychology that affects resilience during crises and disasters? Can we account for what promotes flexibility to cope with hardships? That's my passion. I am all about that.

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About Me

My name is Moran and I am a researcher at the Department of Emergency & Disaster Management at the School of Public Health, Tel-Aviv University.  I began my academic path in biology and spent six years at the Ministry of Defense trying to get first responders, national and local authorities, and the public prepared for non-conventional terrorism. During that time, I learned about the Master's Program in Disaster Management at TAU, from which I graduated in 2009. Long story short - Ph.D., post-doc in Italy (great food, wine, and scenery), directed the National Center for Trauma & Emergency Medicine Research at the Gertner Institute, and now a full-time researcher at TAU. 

Research focus

Disaster psychology and public health policy

My research focuses mainly on understanding human psychology in the context of emergencies and disasters. I am studying human behavior during such crises, motivation to prepare for disasters, coping styles, and determinants of resilience.

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