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  • Moran Bodas

TAU Grant Fuels our Innovative Study on Promoting Mask-Wearing through Altruistic Messaging

Tel-Aviv University's Center for Combating Pandemics awarded our lab a prestigious grant to conduct groundbreaking research on the promotion of mask-wearing behavior among the adult Israeli public. The study, which focuses on the impact of different messaging approaches, aims to contribute valuable insights to enhance public adherence to health regulations, specifically in the context of COVID-19 and future pandemics.

Traditionally, research on facial masks has centered on their efficacy in protecting the wearer. Our study takes a novel approach by investigating the influence of new messaging approahced on the public's willingness to wear masks for the protection of others. The research hypothesis posits that a shift from individualistic, self-protection messaging to messages emphasizing altruism and social norms will be more effective in influencing health behavior intentions.

To test this hypothesis, the study will employ an experimental and longitudinal design, with intervention and control groups assessed at two crucial time points. The study's target population is the adult Israeli public. Participants will be randomly assigned to control and intervention groups, with interventions incorporating altruism-based messaging and appeals to perceived social norms, on one side, and individualistic, self-protection messages on the other side.

Dr. Bodas expressed excitement about the study, stating, "This research has the potential to revolutionize how we communicate public health measures. Understanding the most effective messaging strategies can significantly impact adherence to mask-wearing, ultimately contributing to the collective effort in combatting the ongoing pandemic."

The messages used in the interventions will be crafted based on expert opinions, ensuring the study's methodology is both rigorous and informed by the latest insights in communication and public health.

Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking research, as the team work towards unraveling the most effective approach to fostering widespread adherence to health regulations, bridging the gap between individual responsibility and collective well-being.


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